Page Template

Page template helps you create a new page for the tutorial

Include a brief description telling the users what the tool in this page does and why they would want to install it. Change the title on the above line starting with + to summarize the tool's key use in a simple sentence.

What you should install first

  • Include dot points like this to list tools that need to be installed first.
    • You can indent by starting with a simple space and link to pages like this

What you need

  • SD Card
  • List any other hardware the user needs here

What to download

  • List files needed and provide offsite links preferably to download pages with the latest version like this.

Installation procedure

  1. Create a list of steps to install the tool on the user's Wii
    • Create indented points to provide comments on a particular step

Using the tool

  • Either use dot points like this to list features of the tool, or a numbered list for a sequence of steps

Updating the tool

  1. Give a quick note of how to reinstall a new version of the application


  • What do I use this section for?
    • To answer frequently asked questions, of course.

What Next?

  • List the pages that might come next, to simulate a linked tutorial.
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