IOS236 to help you install other IOSes

Warning: This is the old version of this page kept for posterity. It is no longer maintained. The new method is easier to understand and less prone to error. The new method can be found here.

IOS236 is a patched version of IOS36 that makes installation of other IOSes easy, even if the other IOS slots are filled by stubs already. See the IOSes Explained page for more info.

What you should install first

Information Needed

The method you use to install IOS236 depends on your installed firmware version. You can find your firmware version on the Settings page of your Wii accessible from the icon at the bottom left of the Wii Menu. The version will appear at the top right and will look something like 4.1U where the number is your firmware version and the letter is your region. Click the appropriate option to see the steps for whichever method suits you.

My Wii is at firmware 4.3

My Wii is at firmware 4.2 or less

Updating IOS236

To update IOS236 to a newer version (if a newer version has released since you first installed), you just need to use IOS236 to update itself as follows:

  1. Choose IOS236 for IOS to reload with D-pad left/right and load with A.
  2. Wait for the message to push 1 or Start to appear and do so.
  3. Choose "IOS36 menu" with the D-pad and push A.
  4. Change "Install IOS to slot" to be 236.
  5. Change all four options for patching to yes.
  6. Choose "Install patched IOS36" with the D-pad and push A.
  7. If you are connected to the Internet, choose "Download IOS from NUS" with the D-Pad and Push A to select. If not, choose "Load IOS from sd card" with the D-Pad and push A to select.
  8. When prompted, push A to start installation.
  9. Press any button to exit when prompted.


  • There was an error during my online installation. What's wrong?
    • Sometimes, certain Internet connections won't work with the app. Try the offline install method instead.

What Next?

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