Hermes IOS222/223 (OBSOLETE)

Installing Hermes' IOS 222/223 for use with USB Loader

Warning: This is the old version of this page kept for posterity. This page is no longer actively maintained. It is now suggested you install IOS249 first before attempting installation of these IOSes. The new method is here

Hermes' IOS222 and 223 are alternatives to using Waninkoko's IOS249. There are some compatibility differences that may make you wish to try these instead of IOS249. It is suggested you try IOS249 first, and try these if that fails.

What you should install first

What you need

  • SD Card

Information Needed

The installation method of Hermes' IOS 222/223 is different depending on your Wii's specific setup. Please expand the appropriate section to get further instructions based on your setup. If you have already performed the necessary changes to your system (e.g. for IOS249) and you have not updated your Wii in the meantime, you can skip the appropriate steps.

What we need to know is your Wii's firmware version and your Wii's serial number.

Now, select the category that refers to you and follow those instructions:

I am on version 4.0 or greater and my Wii's serial number does not start with LU64 or greater.

I am on version 4.0 or greater and my Wii's serial number does start with LU64 or greater.

I am on firmware version 3.4 or less OR I have already completed the steps for my Wii listed above

What now?

Once you have IOS222/223 installed, you can use a USB Loader.


  • How do I reinstall a different version of IOS222/223?
    • Just follow the procedure again. You shouldn't need to redowngrade the IOS on 4.0 if you haven't upgraded the firmware in the meantime.
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