IOS236 to help you install other IOSes

IOS236 is a patched version of IOS36 that makes installation of other IOSes easy, even if the other IOS slots are filled by stubs already. See the IOSes Explained page for more info.

v6 solves the network issue that has plagued previous versions of this app, so if you got errors before, now is the time to try again.

What you should install first

What to download

  • IOS236 Installer v6 from this page.
  • If your Wii is not connected to the Internet, you need to use NUS Downloader to get the following files:
    • Download IOS36 v3351 with Title ID 0000000100000024 with the Pack WAD option switched on to get IOS36-64-v3351.wad

Installation procedure

  1. Remove all GameCube memory cards.
    • This step is very important. Do not ignore it .
  2. If your Wii is not connected to the Internet, copy IOS36-64-v3351.wad to sd:/
  3. Unzip the IOS236 Installer zip file and copy the IOS236 directory and its contents to sd:/apps.
    • You should now have an sd:/apps/IOS236/boot.dol file among others. It is important to also have sd:/apps/IOS236/meta.xml
  4. Run IOS236 Installer from the Homebrew Channel.
  5. Read the startup messages then press 1
  6. If your Wii is connected to the Internet, choose "Download IOS from NUS" with the D-pad, otherwise choose "Load IOS from sd card"
  7. Confirm your choice with the A button
  8. When prompted, push A to continue the installation
  9. Read about what Step 2 entails and push the appropriate button
    • One would hope that you would be pushing 2 as this is a tutorial for non-pirates that want to use USB Loaders responsibly (i.e., if you are only going to rip your own games from your own discs, you don't need to perform step 2). If you actually want to play pirated games, then push 1, read all information carefully and follow any further instructions.
  10. Push any button to exit when complete.

Updating IOS236

To update IOS236 to a newer version, just redo the installation steps.


  • The app says the patches were not properly applied. What's wrong?
    • Make sure you have the latest version of the Homebrew Channel and that you included meta.xml when extraction the Installer zip file.
  • There was a DSI error or Program Error with a lot of numbers
    • Make sure you are using v6 as the older versions experienced issues like this.
  • There was an error during my online installation. What's wrong?
    • Sometimes, certain Internet connections won't work with the app. Try the offline install method instead.

What Next?

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