Hermes' Ios222/223

Installing Hermes' IOS for use with USB Loader

Hermes' IOS is an alternative to using Waninkoko's IOS249 and d2x. While this used to be very important, the IOS is very rarely needed any more and you should only really bother if d2x is not working with your drive. It is still safe to have it installed and it won't damage your other setups, so if you want a complete installation, go ahead with it too. For more information about custom IOSes, see the IOSes Explained page.

What you should install first

What you need

  • SD Card
  • Either your Wii to be online via wireless OR a Windows PC.


Hermes' IOS can actually be inserted into other slots and we are going to make use of that. There are also different versions of IOS222 that can be installed into the 223 and 224 slots and these versions are determined by the base IOS used. For maximum compatibility and ease of updating, this tutorial now gives you the following setup:

Slot 224 - Base 37 - Best compatibility with most things.

Note that the 222 and 223 slots are not actually used in our installation (they were in previous versions of the tutorial). If installed there, discs with 4.2 and 4.3 updates will still ask you to update, even if you are already at thos firmwares. This makes things slightly easier.

Feel free to experiment with other slots and bases. They won't hurt your Wii and you can reinstall any base over any slot at any time. In particular, base 57 will have slightly faster loading times within games, but will not support games with microphones.

What to download

  • Hermes' uLoader installer v5.1 via this link.
    • Version 3.0C is here which includes v4 of the IOSes, although 5.1 is now better.
  • If your Wii is not connected to the Internet, you need to use NUS Downloader to get the following files:
    • Download IOS36 v3351 with Title ID 0000000100000024 without the Pack WAD option and copy all the files from this download to sd:/00000001/00000024/v3351/
    • Download IOS37 v3869 with Title ID 0000000100000025 without the Pack WAD option and copy all the files from this download to sd:/00000001/00000025/v3869/

Installation procedure

  1. Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers.
    • This step is very important. Do not ignore it .
  2. UnRAR uloader_v5.1E.rar and copy the apps/cios_installer/ directory to sd:/apps/
    • You should now have a file called sd:/apps/cios_installer/boot.dol amongst others.
  3. Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer
  4. Wait for the warning message to disappear
  5. Select IOS236 to perform the install with D-pad left/right and push A
    • If you don't have IOS236, then pay more attention to the "What you should install first" section above.
  6. Select to Install Custom IOS 224 v 65535 and push A
  7. Select to Use IOS37 and push A
  8. Wait for download to complete (either from network or from the SD)
  9. Press 1 to Install
    • If installation fails, try reinstalling IOS236

Using IOS224 with Configurable USB Loader

  • To use IOS224 with Configurable USB Loader, add the ios=224-mload option to meta.xml. Instructions to do so are on the USB Loader page.
  • To select only specific games to use Hermes' IOS, select each game and push 1 and you will see an option to change IOS to 224-mload. The choice can be saved with the 2 button. You can also use the Configurator application on the Configurable Options page to change these per-game settings.


  • The network install keeps failing
    • Try the offline install method. It appears the installer doesn't work with Nintendo's LAN adapter, too.
  • How do I reinstall a different version of IOS222/223?
    • Just follow the procedure again.
  • What's the difference between IOS222, IOS223 and IOS224?
    • The only difference is the number. Having others gives you an alternative if 224's base doesn't work, but you will have trouble with disc installs.

What Next?

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