Gecko OS

Using Gecko OS for import games and update blocking

Gecko OS has many uses, but the most important ones for the beginner are for playing imported retail games and for ignoring updates on discs of local games. Note that if this does not make your game stop asking you about updates, then use the Avoid Disc Updates method instead.

There are two methods you can use to install, depending if you want to use Homebrew Browser or not.

What you should install first

What you need

  • SD Card (an SDHC card is also suitable if you are at firmware version 4.0 or higher)

What to download

Installation procedure

Click the appropriate option:

Using Gecko OS

  • Use Launch Game to play your import game or local game without updating
  • You can also use Rebooter to reboot your Wii to allow it to detect and play import games in the disc channel
    • This only seems to work on Wiis prior to 4.0 firmware
  • For Japanese games, ensure you turn the VIDTV patch on if it is available. It will make Japanese characters display correctly.
    • This patch is enabled by default and can't be switched off in most builds of Gecko.
  • For playing PAL games on an NTSC console, you might need to force NTSC mode in the options when launching the game
    • If this doesn't work, then try an alternate Region Free method.

What Next?

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