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This page will link you to the appropriate pages you need, to do what you want to do. Follow the instructions under whatever question/s describe what you'd like to be able to do.


I just want to play PAL Xenoblade Chronicles/Last Story/Another Code R etc. on a US console. What do I need?
Congratulations! You're already at the correct page. Read it and you'll find your solution (you're looking to play import games).

What do I sacrifice by following any of these steps?
The only thing you sacrifice is your Wii's warranty (if it isn't expired already). You can still play all games, access all previously installed content, buy stuff off the shop and play games online.

If I go with USB Loading, what happens to my save files?
USB Loading uses the exact same save files that are used when you play from the disc. Thus, you can even alternate between playing the disc and the drive version of your game and won't lose progress.

What risks are there in following any of these steps?
Provided you follow directions and do not install applications not recommended by this tutorial, you will not harm your Wii. Other things not mentiooned here, like Priiloader, are potentially dangerous and should be avoided unless you have researched the risks.

What hardware do I need to have to do the steps in this tutorial?
An SD or SDHC card is all you need. Size doesn't matter, only a few megabytes are necessary. A USB drive is useful to have, but not necessary, and it can also be used in place of an SD card for everything except the very first step of installing the HBC (see the Ground Rules below).

Somebody else hacked my Wii and I want to upgrade it, what do I do?
Treat your Wii as unhacked and follow the instructions. The only thing you can safely assume is OK is the Homebrew Channel. Just assume that nothing else is installed and continue.

How do I upgrade my homebrew installation?
All the pages in this tutorial have sections that indicate how to upgrade already installed homebrew apps.

Should I come back to this site once I'm done?
Yes. There are occasional updates listed on the What's New page. Check occasionally and upgrade things that have updated since you installed them.

READ ME SECOND: Ground rules

  • This tutorial does not explicitly tell you when to switch your SD card and/or USB drive between the Wii and PC, but it is easy to tell where it should be for any step.
    • Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, insert your SD card into the Wii before any steps that involve the Wii.
    • If you are told to copy anything to or from the SD card, use a card reader and your PC.
  • Read all sections of pages, especially the "What you should install first" sections.
  • The terms "directory" and "folder" are used interchangeably throughout the tutorials. In case you don't know they are two words for the same thing.
  • This guide uses the syntax sd:/directory/subdirectory/ and sd:/directory/subdirectory/filename to refer to directories and files on the SD card respectively.
  • Pay attention to the difference between: "Copy the directory to…" and "Copy the contents of the directory to…"
  • Files linked to in this tutorial are often in .zip or .rar format. Windows users can use Winrar to open them and extract their contents.
  • The instructions are often along the lines of "Unzip/Unrar file_x and copy file_y to sd:/folder_z. This means that you should open the file_x archive and only copy file_y to the SD card, even if there are more files within the archive.
  • This tutorial assumes you are installing most apps to the SD card. A FAT32 formatted USB drive can almost always be used instead for all procedures except for the Launch methods for getting the HBC. Feel free to replace any reference to sd:/apps with usb:/apps if you would prefer to use a hard drive. The HBC will automatically choose to load apps from the hard drive if the SD card is not plugged in, but you can also push 1 and tell the HBC which device to use.
  • Follow instructions carefully, and you'll be done in no time. Enjoy!

Do you want to make a backup of your Wii so that you can recover from a mistake during installation?

  1. Install BootMii

Would you like to upgrade your Wii firmware in a safe way that avoids the risk of the official Nintendo update?

  1. Install or upgrade the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install or upgrade IOS236
  3. Install or upgrade d2x
  4. Perform a safe 4.2 Upgrade procedure
  5. Perform a Wii Shop update

Would you like to be able to access the Wii Shop while keeping your homebrew access?

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Perform a Wii Shop update

Would you like to be able to play games and run applications made by other Wii users?

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install the Homebrew Browser

Do you want to play games from other regions from your Wii console (i.e., imports)?

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install a Region Free application


  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install IOS236
  3. Install d2x
  4. Install a USB Loader

Would you like to be able to install games to a USB hard drive and run them from there instead of the disc?

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install IOS236
  3. Install d2x
  4. Install a USB Loader for Wii games
  5. Install DIOS MIOS as well for GCN games

Would you like to move games from an old WBFS partition to a FAT partition?

  1. Perform a WBFS to FAT Transfer

Would you like to remotely access the contents of your SD card and/or a FAT32 partition of your Wii's HDD from your computer?

  1. Install the Homebrew Channel
  2. Install IOS236
  3. Install d2x
  4. Configure the FTPii server on your Wii, with your FTP client of choice.
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