DIOS MIOS is a modification to your Wii's system software that allows you to play GameCube (GCN) games on your Wii from a FAT32 hard drive. If you install this, you will no longer be able to play GCN games via the disc channel, so we also include instructions for launching discs with DIOS MIOS installed.

What you should install first

What you need

  • FAT32 formatted USB drive
    • For information about reformatting your drive to FAT32, see the USB-Loader page.

What to download

  • The latest version of DIOS MIOS from here.
  • Waninkoko's Wad Manager v1.7 or higher from this page.
    • A mirror of this download can be found here

Installation procedure

  1. If you haven't already for the forwarder, create a sub-folder on your SD card called "sd:/apps/InstForwarder"
  2. Unzip "WAD-Manager_v1.7.zip" and copy "WAD-Manager_v1.7.dol" to "sd:/apps/InstForwarder/boot.dol"
    • Note that this step involves a change in filename
  3. Copy the "DIOS MIOS v2.0.wad" file you downloaded to sd:/
  4. Start the Homebrew Channel and select to launch "/apps/InstForwarder/boot.dol"
  5. Read the disclaimer and push A to continue
  6. Select to use "IOS236" and push A to continue
  7. Select "Wii SD Slot" when asked for source device and push A to continue
    • If asked about NAND Emulation, select "Disable"
  8. Select the DIOS MIOS .wad and push A
  9. Select "Install WAD" and push A to continue
  10. Wait for install to complete, then push a button when prompted that installation was complete
  11. Push B then Home to exit
  12. Start Configurable USB Loader
    • Remember that you need a DIOS MIOS compatible version of Cfg, so go update it manually to the latest DM version if you haven't before.
  13. At the GUI, push - and select Settings with A
  14. Select System
  15. Set DML Version to DM
  16. Select Save Settings


  • You can now use Configurable USB Loader to play GCN titles as if they were Wii titles
  • Note that some games need a disc in the drive (any disc) so it is a good idea to leave one in there.
  • A compatibility list of games is maintained here.
  • If you find that Cfg USB Loader wants to install games to your SD card instead of hard drive, you need a different version of Cfg (we're not sure what causes this bug yet). Perform the following:
    • Replace sd:/apps/usb-loader/boot.dol with the latest version of Cfg Mod from here (rename the file)

Launching GCN discs

As DIOS MIOS stops you from launching discs, here's some methods to allow you to launch games that don't work. Not that some of these methods may not work with games from all regions and some methods may not work at all as we are still testing.

Using USB Loader:

# Start Configurable USB Loader
# Push - to access the menu, this will take you to the Main Menu where you can choose to boot the disc in the drive.
# You can make the boot method faster by adding "button_- = boot_disc" to config.txt. This will make the - button go directly to the disc launch menu.

Using any other Region Free technique:

* Check the Region Free page to see more techniques for launching discs.

Updating DIOS MIOS

  • Follow the same steps as above for installing


  • Can I play GCN games with Wii controllers?
    • No, you must use GCN controllers
  • Can I play GCN games without GCN memory cards?
    • No.
  • My game doesn't work. What's wrong?
    • Check the compatibility list. Not all games work. If it's listed with issues or not working, you may need to play from disc instead.
  • I get a black screen when I try to launch games with DIOS MIOS
    • This might be a drive incompatibility. The FAT32 partition might need to be the first valid partition on the drive and be marked as Active and Primary. Marking as Active can be done in Windows via Computer Management…Disk Management. Use the Run box in the Start menu to get to Computer Management

What Next?

  • You can install the Homebrew Browser to help find new homebrew applications.
  • You can install a Region Free application to run Wii import games
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